01 On street dance: how body and music let unfold and explore who you are

After our introduction episode 00, we start moving now into specific individual topics and look into the multiplicity of identitieS. This episode dives into the realm of street dance and takes it as a framework to investigate the connection between body and music and reflect on its importance when talking about identity.

Beyond the technical sides of street dances this connection between body and music can indeed strongly impact who we are: on one hand, they can unfold into situations of togetherness and collective moments, shaping the perception of you and the others. At the same time, it can function as a tool to explore all the facets of who you are: deepening the already existing ones but also discovering others. After delving into house dance as a case study, a discussion on music body and sounds will follow in a second moment.

The author of this episode is Stefano Martelli, a Swiss Italian architecture student at ETHZ Zürich and dancer in the free time. Joining the conversation is Louis Lüthard, a young dancer from Freiburg attending the education program as stage dancer at Tanzwerk 101 in Zürich and member of Colour Jam crew.

All of this, within a sonic journey. Enjoy listening!

Cover Design © Timo Tiffert


01:42 Si o No – L’eclair (selected by Louis Lüthard)

06:07 Woofer Girl – Orange Fishmans (selected by Louis Lüthard)

10:40 The Essence of House (Original Mix) – Josh Butler ft. Tono Brazil

13:45 Tech This Out Pt.1 Atjazz Remix – Karizma, Atjazz

22:16 Danza (Instrumental) – Dj Mari Rossi ft. Jairo Pereira

28:52 Orange Wine – Okvsho

31:56 117 Careplan – Henry Wu

36:01 Wivout U – Henry Wu (selected by Louis Lüthard)

40:13 Intro X6 – Makala and Varnish La Piscine (selected by Louis Lüthard)

42:07 La Lune & Le Soleil – Bonnie Banane (selected by Louis Lüthard)

44:56 Starry Night – Peggy Gou (selected by Louis Lüthard)

49:23 Chorus – KiNK

54:00 I’m Into This – Homework

59:01 Camille 2000 – Fouk

1:06:39 Dontcha – The Internet (selected by Louis Lüthard)

1:09:22 African Rumble – Timo Lassy and Teppo Mäkynen 


Louis Lüthard
You can find him on Instagram at @looischeloo


Durden, E. Moncell. Beginning Hip Hop Dance: University of Southern California. Champaign: Human Kinetics, 2019

Sardinha, Campos, Transglobal Sounds: Music, Youth and Migration. London: Bloomsbury, 2016 

Salkind, Micah E. Do you remember House? Chicago’s Queer of Color Undergrounds. New York:Oxford University Press, 2019.

Turner, Bryan S. The Body and Society: Explorations in Social Theory, Third Edition. London: Sage, 2008


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