00 Listening to Identity Struggles

Welcome to our episode zero, an introduction episode to set up the basics we want to build our knowledge on. We are interested in questions of identity and its various changing forms through and within individuals. Each episode highlights a multi-identity theme through the spectrum of sounds and music.

Sekundos are the second generation of migrants. Finding themselves in-between many identities, they ask questions like:
How can I have many cultural identities?
Do I have to choose ?
Where is the space I am entitled to?
Where am I welcomed to be?

These questions extend to all identity struggles that find themselves in between many others. Overlapping them and creating new ones. So first and foremost we want to talk in plural form. MorphologieS of identity.

What brings us together in this initiative has been expressed so well in this quote from a friend:
“We secretly wish that differences and strangenesses, fears, conflicts and frictions we experience in a cultural double life can flourish and be expressed playfully”.

This episode 0 is a singular sonic collection, with stories from people who shared it on the Musical Picnic Event at Parity Talk 2022. Enjoy listening!

Cover Design © Timo Tiffert


02:19 Nazad, Nazad Kalino Mome – Anita Micevska

05:57 Lugano addio – Ivan Graziani

10:35 Short Hair – Cho Yongpil

14:23 White Rabbit – George Benson

19:03 Save US – Khadja Nin

21:50 Take it easy my brother Charles – Jorge Ben Jor

24:13 ABBA – John Mark Pantana

28:11 Chanda Hai Tu Mera Suraj Hai Tu – Lata Mangeshkar

31:48 Caribbean Blue – Enya

35:13 Zolf | محسن نامجو – زلف – Mohsen Namjoo

41:22 This Thing – Jimpster, Rich Medina

44:44 Poke Bowl – Radiant Children

48:12 Sandalwood soap and florida water – Aising

49:38 Unknown Happiness – Maher Shaiai

52:06 Girls just want to have fun – Bladee, Ecco2k

54:05 Divine Créature – La Femme


Kwon Hyuk Sung

Dzulija Jakimovska

Riccardo Acciarino

Shriya Chaudhry

Vasco Medici


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